The Bones Underground

  Os Sous-Terrains   Without flash, there is barely a chance against the shadows. We’re too deep underground For the sun to remember us.   Once standing, once dressed, once giving people in a taking society, Buried so that my family could never rearrange my bones In the old limestone quarries.   I am one of... Continue Reading →

I Ride The Carousel of Memory

I ridethe carousel of memory on chloroform                         smashing the lightbulbs                        smiling like my plastic pony             riding on            sweet sunset                         round & round & round & in thiscircus-grotesque parade I wave                         flattening the ripples of time-space                        with the batting of my eyelashes             spinning on            dear Apollo                         on & on & on &                                     it’s too dizzy                        for me to think           ... Continue Reading →

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