I should probably be happier that I received some lit-related mail that wasn’t a form rejection letter. I have other things on my mind, I guess.

Doesn’t matter. Art separates from the artist like spores off a mushroom, and goes on to colonize a new microhabitat.


But this particular spore wasn’t inspired by mushrooms, as my metaphor might lead you to believe. The poem that is featured in From the Well House’s 2nd print volume, “Ecstasy: Adam Meets Eve, Again” is as naked as it reads, and bares its catalyst right in the title.

Before kids had Molly, pure MDMA was hard to get a hold of. Most of the ecstasy pills we gobbled up in the ‘00s were cut with a variety of easily accessible chemicals (for dealers, at least)—anything from cocaine to methamphetamine, to dextromethorphan or even more obscure fillers/adulterants.

So to get hold of a gram and a half of pure MDMA was hard to say no to, even if it was some time since I had dropped a synthetic psychoactive. That was a gram and a half split between two people—according to Erowid, reaching into the ‘High’ dosage range. 

And what perspired was an evening with my muse in the most intense and euphoric kind of way…a tantric orgasm in all the cells of your body, all at once and for twelve hours…

Anyway, the poem was not derived from that night, although I liked to say that I woke up naked with the words scrawled onto my skin. I accomplished or produced nothing tangible that night, although images and sensations still linger in my memory, even all these years later.

The magic of the poem was that it arrived in spontaneous epiphanies over the next week or so, embroiled and infatuated as I was with my muse, with the world, with the universe. It is probably how Rumi wrote–entranced and ecstatic and engorged with Love.

I do hope that you get to read it someday. Maybe not now…I realize ordering a print copy of a magazine you have never heard of can be difficult. I am told someday the issue will appear electronically on the From the Well House website. Maybe you can find it then. Or maybe it will find you as effortlessly and as beautifully as it found me. 


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