Coffee Room Small Talk

I think today I have hit my stride with

            coffee room small talk.

That babble that means little except

            hey I’m human too & hey we’re both here

            so let’s fill this awkward silence

            with half-assed topical jokes

            and speculation about the weather.


But today I managed two conversations back to back,

            even made both of them laugh

            (after coming back from reading about Robin Williams’

            suicide details on the shitter).

They must have been desperate to validate their humanity

            (or I was desperate to forget about Robin Williams’

            left wrist which he dragged a pocketknife across).


Yes sir, I am a goddamn commodity at the coffee machine.

I came up with quips so golden I reckon

            those two people will commit them to memory

            and reuse them the next time they are getting coffee

(but they may not have the same punch, because

            they won’t have the image of Robin Williams

            hanging by a belt from his closet door).


I wish them the best. Hope they have an audience

            as attentive & desperate & great as mine was.

Get ‘em in the gut! Slap their office-chair-numbed asses

            back to life!

And some day they too will hit their stride with

            coffee room small talk.


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