Failure Analysis Was Not in My Scope (Found Poetry)


It should be noted

that this item of work

will be performed within

the lease to the southeast

of the facility

which will be

under the jurisdiction

of another Prime Contractor.

The Contractor will

be required to work

under the rules and guidelines

set out by

the other Prime Contractor’s




Three gate valves!

Three spectacular blinds

between flanges

in line with the gate!

And check valves! And three

tie-in matching flanges

at the three nozzles

in addition to three inlet




Incident investigated—

Occurred on development project—

Attempted—to lift—

Tripod together with a team—

Suffered—a left incarcerated inguinal hernia—

Inadequate job planning—risk—

Ergonomically difficult—

Communication breakdown—with team—

At the start of the lift—

Injured will be permanently

Disfigured—New job posting.


[I found the above pretty much as is in a technical document. Whereas this type of writing is typically rote with banality and lack of musicality found in poetry & fiction, I was overcome with joy when I started reading it with poetic license. I tried my best to capture the flow I heard.

Where have you found poetry in unexpected places? Have you ever heard Bukowski reading a menu in your mind’s ear? Or Blake expounding the wonders of spring in a weather forecast? Let me know.]


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