A Poemization of The Twilight Zone: Season 1, Epidsode 7

‘The Lonely’
Ep. 7 Season 1
The Twilight Zone

OH boy
now we are done in

picture a dungeon and we are in it
it might stretch to infinity
you are too small to tell
you live in a shack
with a touring car
with nowhere to go

let the record be known
that the containment placed upon you
by the judge jury rocket program
shrivelled your skin for a crime
you committed
before that court scene
faded to black

on a rock
isolated in space

all the months of the year
are the same
every now and then
some supply ship
they bring things for you

the silence

the wind

I believe you know
that it lies
like the grass
it pushes


Pull out the chessboard
company is coming
the cookbook has it all
laid out the way it should

how it be, my friends?
how it be?

I want to shake your hands
each one of you

they aren’t even happy to see him
the supply ship takes six months to feed him
they spend years without knowing their families
their sons become troublemakers

the guys only have fifteen minutes
so let’s get this over with
you criminal
don’t you keep you us out here
too long

it’s terrible scheduling
the logistics are a mess
who knows what the next couple of years
will bring
who knows what will happen before
anything changes


you are a murderer
you killed someone
and you are worth
a rocket ship
and supply ships
to keep you fed and lonely
for forty-six more years

the supply guys are going to bring in the crates anyway
there is food and water and magazines

some nice stuff but no leniency on the sentence
that rocket ship is getting old
too expensive to double for return trips
the procurement process would be a nightmare

after five minutes
and a tense conversation
they leave

they leave
the crate unopened

inside there are
a few vacuum packs
a caution
read the instructions
please wait until we leave
before you open the crates

see you in three months
after we raid the next planet
for some fruit and
precious plutonium and a few
alien sex slaves


them nice supply boys
they brought a woman

a real reasoning speaking woman

with the lips and thighs and
under normal circumstances
has the same life span of a natural human being

my name is alicia
what is your name?

get out of here

get out of here

I don’t want a machine

my name is alicia
what is your name?


come in


I brought you some water

put it over there

can you feel thirst?






why are you a lie?
your face
your flesh
a machine
a terrible machine
built to make me believe

that I will take this kiss

but it’s a lie
you mock me

i’m sorry
you hurt me

how can I hurt you?
this isn’t your flesh
you’re a reminder
that I am so lonely
I am about to lose my mind

but you will wipe that tear
you will hear her out
you will let her back in


you and alicia will play chess
for eleven months

no sum total
man or woman or machine or an extension of

your emotions
unto her
like your rook
to her queen

at least
you are not lonely anymore

nothing else matters
another forty-six years to go



after enough time
for two people
to fall in love

the supply guys come back
with good news

no time to talk
move along
pardons for all
get the hell on the ship prisoner
you are a free man now
carry your fifteen pounds

nothing more
short on fuel
we got some next poor devils
to drag away
back home

alicia and you will finally wave it all goodbye

fifteen pounds
former prisoner
no more

she is my

she is a robot
think with your head

fifteen pounds

no wait
throw out some equipment

fifteen pounds
I don’t got no choice

she’s a woman

fifteen pounds
and now only fifteen minutes

don’t you understand?


all you are leaving behind
is grief
long bored memories

keep it in mind
leave it behind

get on the ship


there is a fragment
of a man’s life
waiting to rust with a machine
that will sink
like a sphinx into the sand

to be secret
like the grains
blown in between the machine’s toes


[ END ]


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