~2,400 Year-Old Wisdom For Reading the News in 2017

It is said that they who know well how to live meet no abusive douchebags or maddening politicians as they scroll through the news, and come out of the workday untouched by the weapons of capitalism. For, in them, an abusive douchebag would find no flesh for his selfish hands, a mad politician nothing to... Continue Reading →


smoke rise sutra

That is the beauty of illusory Time: in any given moment your only obligation is to that moment-- anything else that will happen or that has happened is all a part of the illusion. BOM BOM MAHADEV.  

In This Deep Slumber

In this deep slumber before the big sleep   Oxygen tubes sing monotonous sonatas to no one   Here have this morphine you won't feel a thing don't know what you think of it all if you think at all blink once for yes   Last words rattled days ago Pastor at the door with... Continue Reading →

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