Playing It By Ear in the NICU

There is a trick intensive care nurses use because I think their training insists that they don't get people any more down than their situation is already making them---- the nurses say things like, 'let's play it by ear' (as if anything medical is improvised, like the charts are ecstatic jazz jams we're all scatting... Continue Reading →

Get on It

As soon as I hear a beat, my heart skips, I get on it / Don't be obtuse, I'm so acute don't even need chronic / The sonic elation got me bombing radio stations / Facing a blank age disappearing from this great nation / No patience, so we bleed from our eyes onto kilobytes... Continue Reading →

Trish & Other Things We Have Lost

I often walk my dog in the city’s central park. It’s no rectangular monolith of NYC, and in fact is diminutive compared to the expansive prairie parkland that encompasses it on all sides. But it does the trick. It has trees, it has trails, it has rabbits and squirrels and a lake stocked with trout.... Continue Reading →

I should probably be happier that I received some lit-related mail that wasn’t a form rejection letter. I have other things on my mind, I guess.Doesn’t matter. Art separates from the artist like spores off a mushroom, and goes on to colonize a new microhabitat.But this particular spore wasn’t inspired by mushrooms, as my metaphor... Continue Reading →

Fare Thee Well, Red Balloon (a poem)

FARE THEE WELL, RED BALLOON I was on my home this late afternoonWhen I saw the red balloon.It had been raining all week,And there it was, dribbling on a puddleWhere the storm water grates had backfilledWith a winter’s worth of garbage.The balloon spun for a moment, thenThe wind picked up and kicked it along the curb.I... Continue Reading →

Shake Hands With a Cop

I have been watching too much TV in recent months…probably since my drugs ran out in January and I stopped taking my psychotropic medication in February, my dependence on external entertainment has skyrocketed. I have been entranced by my free preview of Travel & Escape, so much so that even my real life trip to... Continue Reading →

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