Giving It My Best Shot

The approach of the autumnal equinox seems to usher a familiar feeling. I haven't totally figured myself out yet, but fall always has some power over me. For one thing, my childhood ensconced September as “back-to-school”. That's one thing I thought I had moved away from...but this year, I have summoned it back. Of course,... Continue Reading →


When It’s Better to Laugh it Off

Around this time last year, I was still reeling from a major incident at work. A diluted blend of crude oil had hit the river, and I was part of the scramble to keep it from making too much of a mess. Of course, it did make a whole lot of mess. And it's still... Continue Reading →

Archaeological Preamble (Found Poem)

Environment has always provided the parameters within which human cultures may develop by providing both opportunities and limitations.   As a result, elements of the regional environment are important considerations in the understanding of cultural development, as they influenced not only the types of activities that could be conducted, but the ways in which they... Continue Reading →

The Office Window Tease (a poem)

"Real hell is there in the office; I no longer fear any other. [...] For me it is a horrible double life from which there is probably no way out except insanity." --FRANZ KAFKA My office window is a mute tease. Bared for me to see, glass bones and all.   Just on the other side... Continue Reading →

Are You Down With the IPCC?

The United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published its report on climate change.Last year parts of the report were leaked, and some of the corrections made to the 2007 report were a win for climate change denialists and skeptics—the report contained adjustments to modelling predictions, and included tidbits that certain climate indicators were... Continue Reading →

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