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God is Whoever Will Recognize Your Sacrifice (A Spring Poem)

When the heat rose

It brought the ants out with it—

The bedrock slumbers under the shivering topsoil,

All winter huddled up—

Now comes the tilt of the earth—

Now comes hibernation hangovers—

The creak in your elbow

Only you can hear—

Now comes the sun again—

Now the snakes sun on gravel roads—

God is whoever

Will recognize your sacrifice—

So every bud, rosette, and bug eye

Turns to the blinding star—

Half a life

Lived in chrysalis—

Half a life

Lived in fits—

Spring demands stridency,

Summer demands sweat—

Autumn begs for acceptance,

Winter requires sacrifice—

No one pouts as the beetle

Strains over mustard seeds—

Whimpering is pathetic,

Go gnash teeth instead—


Uh Yeah, Me Neither… (A Poem)

Do you take

all your poems

out ‘round back?


about them

during teleconferences?

Sketch them

from memory by candlelight

when the wind sounds

like orgasmic gasps?

Does your blood

burst in your genitals

when you feel

the line break?

Do you try

to conjure their smell

and end up hyperventilating?

Tell me, do you ask

all your poems

to stay for breakfast?

Cutting Your Losses

I wish you had never said that you were

cutting your losses.


Like a paper snowflake

you see the holes


like I would.

You are not cynicism,


you are esoteric paganism,

aligned stars and synchronicity.


Consulted the I Qing on an outfit,

left the house naked.


I rolled my eyes,

I didn’t even try.


Said, flip those cards,

narrate my fate


negate my insight,

tell me my dreams.


You could never understand

how a dream was just that:



and trapped in sleep.


Maybe you understand now.

Your Tarot set is on Kijiji.


Your rent is due,

there is no hexagram for that.


Amethyst and jade adorn your neck,

but cash is now your yoke.


Won’t take money transfers

from me anymore, though.


Won’t read my palm,

won’t even respond to my texts.


You said you were

cutting your losses.


I wish you had said

you were only cutting your hair.


At least then

I could see it grow back.


I wouldn’t roll my eyes.

I would try.