Keys, Shellfish, and Vikings (A Newfoundland Travelogue)

There was a blur preceding the steering wheel. I had been awake nearly thirty hours, with a toddler no less, and I was in and out of airport terminals and darkened airplane cabins from Alberta's sunset to Newfoundland's sunrise. There isn't a chance for me to do anything more than just sit in an airplane... Continue Reading →


Fare Thee Well, Red Balloon (a poem)

FARE THEE WELL, RED BALLOON I was on my home this late afternoonWhen I saw the red balloon.It had been raining all week,And there it was, dribbling on a puddleWhere the storm water grates had backfilledWith a winter’s worth of garbage.The balloon spun for a moment, thenThe wind picked up and kicked it along the curb.I... Continue Reading →

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