Pseudologia Fantastica / Fantastica Conficiens (Truth, Fiction, & Deceit)

I won’t lie—I am seven months behind in my National Geographic subscription. It’s not that I’m okay with letting things pile up. There’s just so much demand on my time. It’s a problem, but it only affects me. What am I to the big, wide world? Even still, I try to keep up. National Geographic... Continue Reading →


Turtle Shell (a poem)

I found a sacred space in the crystal cave of my heart---   a holy cavern inside a turtle shell at the bottom of a lake---   where the turtle eats my roots, bunches bouquets with my shoots, looks askew as it redecorates the clay where I warm my blood---   warmer than mulled wine---... Continue Reading →

Archaeological Preamble (Found Poem)

Environment has always provided the parameters within which human cultures may develop by providing both opportunities and limitations.   As a result, elements of the regional environment are important considerations in the understanding of cultural development, as they influenced not only the types of activities that could be conducted, but the ways in which they... Continue Reading →

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