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Uh Yeah, Me Neither… (A Poem)

Do you take

all your poems

out ‘round back?


about them

during teleconferences?

Sketch them

from memory by candlelight

when the wind sounds

like orgasmic gasps?

Does your blood

burst in your genitals

when you feel

the line break?

Do you try

to conjure their smell

and end up hyperventilating?

Tell me, do you ask

all your poems

to stay for breakfast?


I Bought My First Gun Today (a poem)

I bought my first gun today.

Not that I absolutely need it,

I can go to the grocery store

and buy freezer-fuls of meat

pre-cut and pre-packaged in Styrofoam and plastic wrap.

But I live in the country,

where most households have a gun

and you are not a man if you do not shoot

and I am starting to believe them.


So I went out and got a .22

bolt action with a clip and a scope,

enough to snipe gophers or

scare off ill-intentioned idiots.

So that will show them, better than

my air compressor or my reciprocating saw

or my hatchet scar.

That will show them that I am a man.


Now I will go

and write a poem about it.