Christmas Memories, More or Less III

Preparing for the solstice.


When They Said Kill Your Darlings…

When they said kill your darlings they didn't explain how they would only ask about the rabbits   so I said ok, maybe we can just stay here for a while   so I stretched & scratched my head & bled & waited   waited until they said "look what you made us do we... Continue Reading →

Giving It My Best Shot

The approach of the autumnal equinox seems to usher a familiar feeling. I haven't totally figured myself out yet, but fall always has some power over me. For one thing, my childhood ensconced September as “back-to-school”. That's one thing I thought I had moved away from...but this year, I have summoned it back. Of course,... Continue Reading →

Somewhere Up Meander River Way

For the past couple weeks, in my part of the world, there has been a disheartening deep freeze. That damn “polar vortex”. Or for those whose memories stretch past this decade’s latest fad, or don’t care about feigning a peripheral knowledge of meteorology, it’s more cozily known as a “Canadian winter”. Nationalities aside, we are... Continue Reading →

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