Published Works


“We Are Fuel”

True North Writing Contest (Runner Up), May 2018


“The Way We Should All Go”

Unbroken Journal, Issue 17, April 2018


“Like That Calving Glacier”

Every Day Fiction, December 2017


“This Emergency Spill Response Will Officially Kick-Off Once Domino’s Delivers Those 746 Party Pizzas”

Defenestration Magazine, August 2017


“Just a Regular Saturday Night in Borden, Saskatchewan”

Molotov Cocktail, 2017 Flash Rage Contest, Close-But-No-Cigar List

[Ok, this one’s reaching because the story wasn’t published, but I really like this story & was happy to be even passingly recognized]


“Give Me That Old Rock & Roll Music”

Circa Journal, Issue 2 Volume 1, April 2014


“Moments of Momentos”

Literary Orphans, Issue 11 (Lennon issue), March 2014


“Sorry (Sayonara)”

Typehouse Literary Magazine, Issue 1, January 2014


“Ende Vom Lied”

Gravel Magazine, October 2013



Atlas & Alice, Issue 1, September 2013


“Welcome to the Song”

Cactus Heart Press, Issue 5, September 2013


“Somewhere in the Deep Dark Heart of It All”

Thunderclap Press, August 2013


“Musa Memora (Muse, Tell Me)”

Inwood Indiana Press, Salem Cemetery Edition, August 2013 (in print)


“Post-Teen After-Thoughts”

Aprocrypha & Abstractions, Issue 15, July 2012


“On Behalf of Every Writer Who Has Taken Inspiration From a Living Muse / On Behalf of Every Person Who Has Appeared, In Part or In Full, As a Character in a Piece of Literature”

Linguistic Erosion, May 2012


“positive space negative”

Eunoia Review, March 2012


“The Suburbs, Before and After”

Eschatology Journal, December 2011/January 2012



“Ecstasy (Adam Meets Eve Again)”

From the Well House, Issue 1 Volume 3, May 2014 (in print)


“Deviant Dependence” & “Talkin’ Cellar Jam Raves”

Epigraph Magazine, Issue 4, October 2013



Short, Fast & Deadly [now defunct], July 2012


“Talkin’ Twenty-First Century Blues”

Crack the Spine, Issue 37, August 2012


“(Consciousness) A Haiku”

Haiku Journal, Issue 12, August 2012 (in print August 2013)


“I Want to Keep You Hidden, Jack Kerouac”

Drunk Monkeys, July 2012


“5,000 Hectares” (A Reading)

Edmonton Poetry Festival, April 2012


Creative & Not-So-Creative Non-Fiction

“Wu-Tang Shaolin Sword Style of Writing”

Drunk Monkeys, November 2015


“Spin Spun Span: Reggae Rebels: Bob Marley & The Wailers”

Sundog Lit, June 2013


“Spin Spun Span: Roll Up! The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour”

Sundog Lit, April 2013


“The Circus-Grotesque: Bob Dylan in Concert”

Drunk Monkeys, August 2012


“Album Review: Loot Bag by Bike Thiefs”

The Fiddleback, Issue 2, Vol. 4, August 2012


“Jack Caseros”

Weekly Artist, July 2012


“Halfsies: An Essay on Canadian Identity by a Non-Canadian Canadian”

Steel Bananas, Issue 27, April 2011


“An Appetizer for the Adventure Hungry”

The Lakeland Express, Issue 4, September 2009


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