Jack Caseros is an Argentine-Canadian writer / Environmental Scientist / Stanford student / musician / mountain climber / Boler revivalist / sadhaka. He would like to slash less and write more.

He has a novel, Onwards & Outwards, which he independently published in 2012. He doesn’t rant about why he independently published it anymore. His other creative writing has appeared in cool literary mags, been featured on the back of receipts as tips to unimpressed bartenders, and has mildly entertained exhausted hikers around a campfire.

He’s also an Assistant Fiction Editor for Pithead Chapel, and he wants to read your stories.

There is probably more to say, but there is never enough time.


3 thoughts on “Who?

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  1. Thank you for your incisive analysis of the state of our World and how we are responsible through contamination by carelessness. You’ve changed my outlook on what I am able to do to make a difference and that which I have to accept and try to ameliorate the effects of. To quote you, Jack . . . “There is probably more to say, but there is never enough time.” I think it’s time we all MADE the times to attend to the important things.

      1. thank you for helping me csis and Mi6 are in fear now thanks to you ,these people need to go to court for torture and mind rape and they will ,15 years these scum freak haver attacked me here in canada with sound device covertly.so much more ,thank you for helping me and i am sure others .sammymcloughlin ne505944b,Google sammymcloughlin csis/richard kovac hand guns.

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